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Here at Liquid Transformations, we are a team of people that works together to help you express yourself to the world. Let me shed some light on the team. We have a combined 80 years of industry experience. We have a wide range of expertise, from Automotive Customization, Interior Design, Decorative Design, Automotive Electronics Installation, and Computer Science to Information Technologies. Our team has the experience to get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydrographic printing is a highly specialized coating process. It is primarily a painting and dipping process. This process allows us to apply highly defined intricate prints and patterns to virtually any three dimensional object of your choosing. This process can be applied to but not limited to, Metal, Glass, Plastics and Wood. If we can paint it, we can print it. There are even substrates that do not require base paints to accept the patterns. Commonly this process is synonymous with Camouflage, Wood Grains, and Carbon Fiber patterns. This is a process the largest of manufacturers have used for years to apply custom finishes to vehicle interiors, sporting goods, and ATV’s. We have made this process available to manufacturers, general public and fabricators for use on their own custom projects.

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