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Here at Liquid Transformations, we are a team of people that works together to help you express yourself to the world. Let me shed some light on the team. We have a combined 80 years of industry experience. We have a wide range of expertise, from Automotive Customization, Interior Design, Decorative Design, Automotive Electronics Installation, and Computer Science to Information Technologies. Our team has the experience to get you there.

What We Do

Hydro Printing

Hydrographic printing, or “dipping” as it is commonly referred to is a custom paint process that involves the application of photographic quality patterns. Through the process we can transform your wood grain car dash to a carbon fiber print, or perhaps turn that boring black rifle stock camouflage. Done correctly by a reputable shop using quality materials the process isnt “cheap”. It is however a fantastic alternative to far more expensive artisan processes like airbrushing.


Cerakote is an extremely durable, heat, abrasion and chemical resistant ceramic epoxy coating. While Cerakote has become the new firearm industry standard, its applications include but are not limited to automotive parts, car and motorcyle exhaust systems and even interior decor! Liquid Transformations is the Spokane areas ONLY factory trained and certified Cerakote applicator. From simple solid color work to complex custom patterns, we can do it all.

Stickers And Signs

Liquid Transformations is your source for affordable vinyl letters, stickers and signage. Need new boat letters? We got you covered! Want a custom sticker for the back of your car’s window? We can do that too! Need temp signage for your business?

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Customize a new boat or bring an old one back to its glory by hydro printing dash boards, cup holders, motor covers, and more. Water transfer printing brings richness to your boat’s interior and revitalizes one that’s been weathered.


We can help you create the most amazing custom car interiors, exteriors, dash bezels, and engine bays, and more. Some common choices include carbon fiber finishes, wood graining (straight or burl wood), camouflage (Hunting Camo, Military Camo, Digital and even Fishing Camo!), skull patterns, and stone finishes.


Hydro printing and Cerakote is the perfect way to customize your pistol, shotgun, rifle, or storage case. Stocks, barrels, and magazines are just the start of what we can do for you.

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