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When we start a project we suggest your item have a theme or direction you want to take it. If you would like some suggestions or advice about your project, please include your ideas in the Item(s) to be Dipped section. We are glad to assist.


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Custom formulation of waterborne paints are all mixed in house. In short, we can create ANY color you can imagine.

Further Instructions:


-All items are required to be FULLY disassembled prior to shipment.
(Please include information if you require our dis-assembly services)
-All Firearms must be shipped by Individuals UPS or Fed Ex.
-All Firearms can be shipped by an FFL dealer directly to us.
-All Firearms will only be released to the original deliverer.
(Unless Special Arrangements have been made in advance)
-If shipping a Scope, please print and sign the SCOPE WAIVER below.
-Please pack your items neatly and well protected.
-Please consider your packing materials carefully. For example: Brown paper and oiled firearms do not mix well.
-We cannot be responsible for items until they arrive, so please purchase the correct amount of insurance when shipping.
-Print your shipping label and make sure to include a round trip ticket for your item, this will eliminate return shipping costs, concerns, or extra charges. We box your item back up in the packaging it arrived in.

Safety and Security


At Liquid Transformations, we recognize that you are entrusting us with some of your most valuable possessions.  Our 3,000 square foot facility is protected with an android-backed remotely viewable, recorded video surveillance system, gun safe, and a fenced, video monitored parking lot, and a locally monitored, professionally installed security system. Trust that your projects are safe with us!