Services and Specialties

Many of our customers don’t yet realize the full potential of water transfer printing, which is why we’d like to introduce you to just some of the items we can transform so you can truly “Make It Yours.™”  Basically, if it can be painted (wood, metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass, etc.), it can be transformed. Go ahead, Make It Yours!

marine.pngMarine: Customize a new boat or bring an old one back to its glory by hydro printing dash boards, cup holders, motor covers, and more. Water transfer printing brings richness to your boat’s interior and revitalizes one that’s been weathered.

atv.pngBikes and ATVs: From fenders to exterior skins and shells to wheels, liquid dipping allows you to truly Make It Yours™. Lets deck your ATV out in camo, give your motorcycle tank and wheels a carbon fiber finish, or make your mountain bike a true one-of-a-kind.

aviation.pngAviation: Add some bling to a new aircraft, or reinvigorate one that’s seen better days. Our designs are as durable as high-end hot rod paint, and with the biggest processing tank in the region, we can accommodate just about anything you can throw at us.

HomeDecor.pngHome Décor: Faux finishes are not just all the rage, they’re actually a really smart choice. Hydro dipping is more affordable and customizable than wood trims, and they can be used on anything from cabinets to switch plates.

firearms.pngFirearms: Hydro printing is the perfect way to customize your pistol, shotgun, rifle, or storage case. Stocks, barrels, and magazines are just the start of what we can do for you.

auto.pngAutomotive: We can help you create the most amazing custom car interiors, exteriors, dash bezels, and engine bays, and more. Some common choices include carbon fiber finishes, wood graining (straight or burl wood), camouflage (Hunting Camo, Military Camo, Digital and even Fishing Camo!), skull patterns, and stone finishes.

professional.pngProfessionals: From chefs to hairdressers, there’s practically no limit to customizing your tools of the trade with water transfer dipping. Personalize your shears, curling irons, small appliances, and so much more.

Gaming.pngGadgets and Gaming: Electronics can get the Liquid Transformations treatment. Remotes, web cam, keyboards, and monitors can all be dipped. Calling all gamers, we can do incredible stuff with your Xbox, Playstation or other console and controllers, too. Make your Rockband stand out for the crowd! Cellphone Cases too!

outdoor.pngOutdoor Gear: Camo dipping is especially popular with tree stands, compound bows and arrows, and trail cams, but we don’t stop there. We can do some of the sickest designs you’ve ever seen for custom skateboards, snowboards, and skis; and our oversized tank is perfect for custom hockey sticks, golf club heads, and Football Helmets, baseball bats and helmets too. C'mon Make It Yours™!


Additional Custom Services Offered

Digital Pattern Overlay Preview Service

We use only the finest paint products from PPG. Because PPG's reputation rests not only on their ability to be a provider of quality goods and services, but also on their integrity and high ethical standards, the PPG Global Code of Ethics sets forth the principles that apply to all PPG people, everywhere and in every circumstance.