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Below you can learn a little about each of us by clicking on our names.  We are zany and brainy and aboslutely love what we do! Let us show you what we can do! 

Community Care

Completing your project, with our high standards, using Hydrographic Printing is our passion. However, the Liquid Transformation team is also dedicated to our community. We strive to not only make the world more beautiful through our work, but to also make it a better place by doing as much as we can for our community.

In-house, we use PPG Waterborne Paint system, a more environmentally-friendly alternative to solvent based paints. We are Spokane Clean Air Gold Certified and PPG Blue Level Certified. We are a responsible business doing our best to support the quality of life that our region is so famous for.

We also do outreach in order to give back to the community we love. We’re currently working with Fields of Diamonds House of Blessings. This Spokane nonprofit provides housing and mentoring for single mothers, allowing them to transition into the community with the skills they need for successful living. We encourage you to learn more about this amazing program and to become a supporter. Please check them out at:

Our location provides us with a unique opportunity to help a number of good causes with what we call our “instant carwash.” We supply the soap, sponges, and water. Spokane-area nonprofits simply need to provide the manpower. If your organization is interested in holding a car wash at our facility, just let us know so we can set it up for you.