ABOUT Liquid Transformations

Hi Folks, I’m Dippy, let me take you on a little tour about Liquid Transformations. Around here we like to say our goal is to “Make It Yours.”™ We do that by customizing your personal items to your taste and preferences. The customization process known as Hydrographic Printing, or Water Transfer Printing, is how we get you there. We have perfected this process by using our depth of technical and mechanical expertise. We mix in a bit of artistic taste and talent, and voila, your project is “Transformed.”

Our company was founded in late 2010, by 3 longtime friends and co-workers. Their chemistry proved to be the perfect recipe for success. Being in the custom fabrication world, we recognized the need for a Hydrographic Printing facility our customers would feel confident in and would know that their projects were being handled by professionals. At the time of inception, the Hydrographic Printing options in our area were very limited, and littered with less than excellent experiences. We decided we had to open up shop. We were bound and determined to flip the industry on its head. It was very important for us to determine what exactly it was that customers found of value. Through our research, we concluded that stability, reputability, and consistency were the 3 main factors that would create the

ultimate, all inclusive Hydrographic Printing facility. We let the quality of our work speak for itself.

Here at Liquid Transformations, we are a team of people that works together to help you express yourself to the world. Let me shed some light on the team. We have a combined 80 years of industry experience. We have a wide range of expertise, from Automotive Customization, Interior Design, Decorative Design, Automotive Electronics Installation, and Computer Science to Information Technologies. Our team has the experience to get you there. To learn more about the talented people that make up this amazing team of dedicated professionals take a look at our Team Bio section.

There are many ways to experience Liquid Transformations to “Make It Yours”™:
• Click the Green “Start Dipping” Button on the top right of your screen to start the process.
• Click the Blue “Dip Cam” Button for streaming video of our dipping process in action.
• Click our FAQ page for more information and details about our process.

atf-seal-no-color.pngOur Complete FFL is available Upon Request by FFL Holders for transfers to keep on file. Please call for current FFL transfer pricing and currently available services. Their is no charge for us to log any items being held on site to be printed and returned to original owner. All firearms must be released to original deliverer or Requested FFL. Ask for details. We comply with all Local, State, and Federal regulations regarding FFL Transfers. Interstate Transfers info and RCW HERE

Want to know more about Federal Firearms Licenses? Here's the wiki.


We are a Type 7 FFL License Holder. Type 7 Title 1 manufacturer of firearms, who can also act as dealer, other than Destructive Devices, ammunition and ammunition components other than Armor Piercing ammunition. Can also manufacture & deal in Title II NFA firearms with class 2 tax stamp. Please ask for further details.

Meet The Crew

As for our credentials, this team has put in the work to be the best! Here are some reasons why:
• We are a current and compliant FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder (Type 7).
• Our team members hold A.S.E., M.E.C.P., and a PPG Waterborne Paint Certifications.
• Our Dipping Technicians are factory trained and approved.
• Our facility has achieved Spokane Clean Air (Gold Level) Certification, and is Hazardous Operations Permitted.